Readers ask: How Do You Rotassie A Turkey Breast On The Grill?


Should you brine a turkey before rotisserie?

For most applications, dry brining is the best way to season meat. But…not for rotisserie turkey breast. If you ‘re in a hurry, or if you love juicy breast meat, wet brines are the way to go.

How do I cook a turkey on a Weber gas grill on a rotisserie?

Start the rotisserie spinning, and make sure the drip pan is centered under the turkey. Close the lid. If you are using a charcoal grill, add 16 unlit briquettes every hour to keep the heat going. Cook until the turkey reaches 165°F in the thickest part of the breast, about 2 ½ hours.

What temperature should I rotisserie my turkey?

Grill turkey, moderating burner if necessary to keep grill temperature at 350°, 10 to 15 minutes per pound or until thermometer inserted in the thickest part of the thigh reads 180° (about 2 to 2 1/2 hours). Baste turkey every 20 to 30 minutes with pan juices.

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How long does it take to smoke a turkey on a rotisserie?

Roast the turkey on the rotisserie, ensuring strong wood smoke and indirect heat. Cooking time should take 12 to 15 minutes per pound, about 2 1/2 to 3 hours total. Remove the turkey from the grill when the internal temperature reaches 165°F. Let rest for 20 minutes before carving.

How do you get crispy skin on a rotisserie turkey?

Rub the skin with fat. Once you’ve carefully dried off the skin, the next step you can take to guarantee perfectly crispy turkey skin is to rub it with a fat, like butter or oil. Oil will yield a crispier skin than butter because butter is at least 20 percent water, while oil contains no water.

How long does it take to cook a turkey on a Weber?

At the barbecue:

  1. Prepare the barbecue for an indirect heat of approximately 200°C.
  2. If you are cooking on a gas barbecue, you may want to roast the turkey on a large Weber Original Roast Holder.
  3. Roast the turkey for 3-3 1/2 hours or until the internal temperature of the meat has reached 75°C.

How do you Rotisserie a turkey on an open fire?

Marinate in the refrigerator 8 hours, turning often. Remove the bird from the marinade, and secure the wings and legs to the body with cotton cord. Skewer with a rotisserie spit, and turn over a medium fire for 2 hours or until done to taste.

Can you put stuffing in a rotisserie chicken?

A simple brine and fresh vegetable and herb stuffing creates a rotisserie chicken that bests any grocery store version every day of the week.

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How do I brine my turkey?


  1. Find a pot and make fridge space.
  2. Place the turkey in the pot.
  3. Mix the brine solution.
  4. Pour the brine solution over the turkey.
  5. Pour the remaining 3 quarts of water over the turkey.
  6. Make sure the turkey is completely submerged.
  7. Cover and refrigerate.
  8. Brine for 12 to 24 hours.

What temperature do you cook a rotisserie chicken at?

At a cooking temperature between 300 F and 350 F, it takes a chicken about 20 to 30 minutes per pound to cook. A 4-pound chicken will take nearly 2 hours. When the internal temperature of the chicken reaches 175 F, it’s time to take it off the heat. As the chicken cooks, you might notice that it tends to plump up.

Are grill rotisseries worth it?

The rotisserie, once properly set up, is arguably the easiest way to cook on your barbecue. And the results are predictably delicious. As your food cooks, the juices in the food will try to escape. food is juicier than most.

What can I cook on my rotisserie grill?

Here are some ideas for your next rotisserie dinner:

  1. Prime Rib: Grilling a prime rib is a no-brainer. The flavor and texture beats anything out of the oven.
  2. Ribs: Yes, ribs.
  3. Turkey: If you can rotisserie a chicken, you can rotisserie a turkey.
  4. Pineapple: The rotisserie handles more than dinner, it tackles dessert too.

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